Striped Agate Bracelet - Earth Stone Jewellery
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Striped Agate Bracelet


This Brown Striped Agate Bracelet consists of several unique Striped Agate beads strung on natural Hemp Cord. The bracelet is adjustable to a maximum diameter of around 12cm; one size fits all. Hemp cord is very robust, resistant to UV deterioration and Mold. We suggest if you plan on going swimming, remove the bracelet before entering the water, you may find that the cord will swell temporarily and cause the end knots positioning the beads to come loose after some time. To take the best care of your new accessory, and ensure its prolonged life, avoid excessive exposure to moisture.


The general requirement for a gemstone to be classed as an ‘Agate’ is the presence of bands, or layers of different colours within a single stone. The two exceptions to this rule are Dendritic and Moss Agates which harbour plant like ‘growths’ within the stone. In larger Moss agate stones, forest-like scenes are portrayed. Agates are available in White, Blue, Red, Green, Yellow, Orange, Brown, Pink, Purple, Gray and Black gemstones.

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